Building Restoration Rochester MN

Have a building that needs restoration? Having a problem with mold, moisture, or storm damage? Offering building restoration and caulking services. 507-218-8511

building restoration

Building Restoration

At Squeegee Squad we offer professional building restoration services for commercial and residential customers. Whether you have a building that suffers from excessive moisture, mold, storm or flood damage, we can help. Our cleaning experts will evaluate the problem areas, clean, and seal them. We eliminate harmful moisture and mold so that you, your family, and other building occupants have a safe and clean environment. 

Storm and Flood Damage
Has your property been damaged by a storm or flood? Do you have problems with dirt, debris, lingering moisture, and other damage? Let our experts make it like it never happened. We will fix affected areas, patch holes, and make sure all interior surfaces are dry. Then we can repaint and make those areas as good as new. 

Whether your building just needs routine maintenance or it needs repairs after a storm or flood, call the building restoration experts at Squeegee Squad today at 507-218-8511.

window caulking

Caulking Services

Over time homes and commercial building can require attention. Windows and doors need to be sealed, holes and gaps appear in floors and foundations. We offer caulking services to seal those holes and gaps and keep your structure sealed from the outside elements. Whether you simply need areas around your doors and windows resealed, or you are noticing cracks and gaps, let our experts help. Contact us today at 507-218-8511 for a free estimate.

Call Squeegee Squad today at 507-218-8511 today for a free estimate.