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Solar panels are great for the environment, and a renewable source of energy, but they are also a significant investment. Making sure they are operating at peak efficiency is crucial. Part of doing that is making sure they are kept clean.

While solar panels are generally self-cleaning, over time, they can develop an accumulation of dirt and debris, and depending on where they are located and their size, cleaning them can be difficult. Solar panels don't have to be completely covered with dirt to impact their efficiency. When they do need to be cleaned, it is important that you know how to clean them properly, so they aren't damaged during the cleaning process. 

The experts at Squeegee Squad have the tools and the knowledge to clean your solar panels correctly. We have years of experience. We know what tools to use, what cleaning products, and the equipment to reach your solar panels safely no matter where they are located. 

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We offer reasonable, affordable pricing, and we can set up a regular cleaning plan for your solar panels to make sure they are always generating the maximum amount of power. 

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